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When Quality Counts And Price Matters.

If you're tired of poor quality at the low end, and absurd prices at the high end of the office furniture spectrum, then you're ready for the Mid-Market. Our goal is provide the best value possible by combining function, durability and appearance while respecting your budget. We have successfully completed six-figure installations across the US, and no project is too large or too small. 

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Victor DC350 Sit to Stand Solution vs. Varidesk Pro 36

Many people are starting to understand the benefits of standing for a least a portion of the work day and Sit to Stand converter solutions have become very popular. These units allow users to raise their computer monitor and keyboard/mouse to a standing position, and then easily lower it back down to a seated position […]

“Oh no! I’ve lost the keys to my filing cabinet.”

Yes, it happens…pretty frequently actually.  If you’ve lost the keys to your filing cabinet and don’t have a spare, then your options are dictated by how urgently you need to get into it.  The first thing you should do is check other filing cabinet (or desk) keys in your office on the outside chance that […]

Sit-Stand Desk

Tarleton State University – HUB Vendor Fair

Thank you for visiting our booth at the TSU HUB Vendor Fair!  Please Contact Us if you have any questions or would like to request a quote. More information on Sit-Stand Solutions.  

Vertical File

Vertical Filing Cabinets

Vertical filing cabinets are generally available in two, three, four and five drawer configurations, letter and legal widths and various front-to-back depths depending on brand and model. The two and four drawer models are by far the most popular and most readily available. We offer only commercial grade, full suspension (meaning you can access the […]

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