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Providing all-day comfort and years of durability for 24/7 operations

Durable & ergonomic 24/7 chairs keep staff comfortable in high-stress environments. Intensive-use chairs designed for 24-hour workplaces withstand constant use, heavy weight, and rotating personnel.

About MOS

Martin's Office Solutions has been providing commercial grade office furniture to Federal, State and Municipal Governments, K12, Higher Education and Business customers since 1984.  We have successfully completed mid six figure projects throughout the US and no project is too large or too small.

Martin's Office Solutions is an authorized reseller for Concept Seating and we offer GSA Contract Pricing to all Governmental Entities.  

Concept Seating Government, LLC
3205 N 124th St
Brookfield, WI 53005
(800) 550-2298

GSA Contract #: GS-28F-0033S
SIN: 33721

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Demo Chairs

We generally have some Concept Seating demo chairs available.  Depending on your physical location, we may be able to get one to you to try out.

The GSA Price Schedule and Shipping Map are subject to change. Please request a quote to insure correct current pricing.

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