Vertical File

Vertical Filing Cabinets

Vertical filing cabinets are generally available in two, three, four and five drawer configurations, letter and legal widths and various front-to-back depths depending on brand and model. The two and four drawer models are by far the most popular and most readily available.

We offer only commercial grade, full suspension (meaning you can access the full drawer depth) vertical filing cabinets and our most popular series files are summarized below:

HON 510 Series: These files are 25″ deep, come equipped with high drawer sides (for hanging folders), wire follow blocks, locks and are good for moderate to heavy office use.

OIF Economy Series: A full suspension, 26 1/2″ deep file with high drawer sided, wire follow blocks and locks. These files would are intended for light to moderate office or home use.

Our vertical file pricing includes ground floor commercial delivery in our normal delivery area.

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