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Chairmat Selection Tools.

Chairmats are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials and selecting the proper mat for your application requires some knowledge of the various options:

Size: By far the most common size mat is 45″ wide x 53″ deep (the 53″ dimension includes the lip that extends under the desk).  Other stock sizes include 36″ x 48″ and 46″ x 60″ rectanguler.

Shape: Most mats have a “lip” that is intended to extender the desk to prevent the chair legs from rolling off of the mat when the user is sitting close to the desk.

Material: Vinyl mats have become the preferred material and are the most durable, but they do come in numerous thickness’.  The standard (or thin) vinyl mats are suitable for glued down commercial type carpeting without a pad, but medium pile carpet with a pad normally requires a medium thickness mat. Other variables are the weight of the chair and user and how long the user sits at the desk.


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Standard Thickness, 36×48 Mat

Standard Thickness 45×53 Mat