Martin's Office Supply, Inc.

About Us

When quality counts and price matters.

If you’re tired of poor quality at the low end, and ridiculous prices at the high end of the office furniture spectrum, then you’re ready for the Mid-Market. Our goal is provide you with the best possible value …combining function, durability and appearance while respecting your budget.

We have successfully completed mid six-figure office furniture installations in Texas and surrounding states and no project is too large or too small. Contact us with your upcoming requirements and we look forward to working with you!

Our Priorities

Our priorities on every office furniture project we enter into are, in order: Function, then Price, then Appearance. If a worker cannot efficiently perform his or her intended job in their assigned workspace, then both price and appearance are irrelevant, as the project mission has failed and money has been wasted.

Obviously, if a functional workspace cannot be achieved within a given budget, then we would not attempt to “downgrade” to a non-functional solution just to achieve a price point. We can almost always provide a highly functional workspace within a realistic, reasonable budget.

Once we have determined that we can provide a functional solution within your proposed budget, then we look to provide the desired style, color and appearance.


Martin’s Office Supply, Inc. is now an authorized HON TXMAS dealer, allowing State, County, Municipal governmental and public schools ans universities to purchase from contracts that have been competitively awarded by the federal government or any other governmental entity of any state. Contact Bill Martin at 800-310-2694 for more information.